TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret (ein MUSS)

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Ein spannendes und gleichwohl unterhaltsames Buch von einem wahrhaft anerkannten multidisziplinär gebildeten und arbeitenden Wissenschaftler, Ich habe den ganzen Tag damit zugebracht, es zu lesen und kann es jedem an dem UFO-Thema Interessierten unbedingt empfehlen. Der Autor ist, wie man es von jemandem seines Formats auch nicht anders erwarten würde, nüchtern und kritisch. Umso erschütternder ist sein Resümee. Da ich sicher bin, dass nur wenige meiner Leser dieses Buch lesen werden, schon gar nicht ganz (:-)), ich aber sicher sein will, dass wenigstens die unglaublichen Schlussfolgerungen (allgemein) bekannt werden, zitiere ich sie hier. Das ist kein spoilern, denn das, was das Buch spannend und lesenswert macht, wird durch diese Zitate überhaupt nicht berührt.

Auszug (Resümee):


When high-level Canadian Government scientist Wilbert Smith, who arguably did have the need-to-know about the situation (his services had gathered their own hard evidence from crashes in Canada), was told that the real secret was held “higher than the Manhattan Project,” implying it would be politically awkward to ask any more questions on behalf of Ottawa, he was respectfully but firmly presented with a simple truth. 

Responding to an inquiry in 1958 regarding his own Project Magnet (45), Wilbert Smith did lift a little corner of the secret: “Various items of ‘hardware’ are known to exist, but they are usually promptly clapped into security and therefore are not available to the general public. Substances such as ‘angel hair’ and molten tin, etc. have been observed to drop from these craft, and have been gathered and analyzed. Strong magnetic disturbances have been observed in the vicinity of these craft. In fact, I would say that many more people have more evidence supporting the reality of the flying saucers than for the reality of atom bombs. But atom bombs bear the stamp of official disclosure, and in posting your representative with questions, please be sure the questions you ask are exactly what you want to know. 

If you ask, “Does the Air force have any saucer hardware?” you will get 'No,' truthfully. The hardware is not held by the Air Force.” (46) 

When he was asked “You say that you had to return (a piece of hardware), did you return it to the Air Force, Mr. Smith?” 

He answered: “Not the Air Force. Much higher than that.” 

The reporter went on: “The Central Intelligence Agency?” 

Smith chuckled: “I’m sorry, gentlemen, but I don’t care to go beyond that point. I can say that it went into the hands of a highly classified group. You will have to solve that problem-their identity-for yourselves.”


There was much more to the Canadian study and its implications for American Intelligence, but somehow it has been forgotten in the fallacious cloud of “instant news” from online podcasts and breathless TV specials the public now enjoys. Speaking before the “Illuminating Engineering Society” conference in Ottawa on January 11, 1959, Wilbert Smith flatly stated that he had, in fact, had custody of a fragment ripped out of an unidentified flying object by a US Navy fighter over Washington, DC. 

Researchers C.W. Fitch, from Cleveland, and George Popovitch, prompted a follow-on conversation with Smith, where he stated on the record that he had shown Admiral Wilson a piece from a small flying saucer that fell near Washington (DC) in 1952. The metallic fragment was twice the size of a man’s thumb. The USAF had entrusted him with it for a short time. This was not the only fragment he had examined, he added. He found it much harder than “our” metals. 

The pilot had been chasing a fluorescent disk. A piece detached itself and the pilot watched it fall until it hit the ground. It was retrieved an hour later. It weighted about 250 grams. It was cut with a diamond saw for laboratory study. The fragment Wilbert Smith examined was about one third of the piece. (47) Chemical analysis found some iron oxide along with an agglomeration of magnesium silicate in a matrix composed of particles measuring 15 microns. As we saw above, when asked if he returned it to the US Air Force, Smith said no, he returned it to “a much higher level.”


When I met with “Sir” Arthur Lundahl at his home on September 14, 1989, following my testimony at the Al Gore Congressional Hearings on crisis management, he fully confirmed the statement by Wilbert Smith that I have quoted earlier and told me what had happened on the US side (48). The incident had taken place in July 1952, at the height of the famous “wave” of UFOs buzzing the Nation’s capital--in the process, violating the restricted airspace of the White House and Capitol. 

At the time, the media were told all the cases were just visual sightings, and Dr. Donald Menzel, of Harvard College Observatory, a leading astrophysicist (and former mentor of Dr. Hynek) found it convenient to “explain” the cases before the national media as optical illusions, essentially mirages due to a temperature inversion. Most newsmen in the US folded their investigations and accepted the statement that there had been nothing more than questionable radar confirmation. 

That belief still stands, even in the most recent documentaries about the phenomenon. Yet, according to both Wilbert Smith and Arthur Lundahl, a piece of metal did detach itself and was studied. And the real reason it “detached itself” was that the Navy pilot in question shot the Hell out of it after receiving the authorization to fire at the flying disk when it penetrated the most heavily protected area in the United States (!!!), a fact that has been kept from the highly malleable American media for well over a half century. (46) 

For further confirmation of the existence of authentic samples, and of the analytical results, I cross-checked what “Sir Arthur” had told me through private conversations with a third authority, Dr. Marcel Vogel, celebrated in technical circles as the inventor of the magnetic coating of disk drives at the IBM Advanced Research Labs in Silicon Valley, an unimpugnable source like the previous two. He explained to me why it greatly puzzled IBM when the government confidentially asked the company to have the piece examined in his lab. Naturally, nothing was ever published.


I was in Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s office at Northwestern University in April 1965 when he arrived back from Washington, where he’d confronted then-Congressman DONALD RAMSFELD about his need for higher-level information about what the government actually knew. Hynek was distraught and angry, because he knew the subject was about to escalate in the halls of Congress. 

“Doctor, you do NOT have the need-to-know,” the future Defense Secretary had told him, showing him the door of his office--and throwing him to the skeptical wolves in the academic community and the hecklers among the media. 

Donald Rumsfeld was a highly-visible US Representative from Illinois, a Chicago native, and a leading, respected co-sponsor of the Freedom of Information Act, all reasons that made the rejection especially puzzling and painful to Allen.

5. (Deep black programs)

According to various reports, on December 16, 2002, the Director for Intelligence for The Joint Chiefs of Staff, (“ J2”), Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson agreed to meet with one of my colleagues from the NIDS (49) research group, physicist Eric Davis (50). They spoke in confidence for two hours, in a car parked behind the EG& G building at McCarran airport in Las Vegas. (!)

There, Wilson reportedly explained to Dr. Davis how, at a meeting with Navy Lt-Commander Willard Miller and others on April 9, 1997, he had learned that there were indeed “deep black” organizations in the US actively studying Alien technologies and bodies. 

Both Miller and astronaut Edgar Mitchell argued that those rogue Defense companies needed to be brought under the control of the government. That same question had been raised in the 1997 book The Day after Roswell, by retired Colonel Philip Corso, the first man who had been in charge of distributing technology of presumably “Alien origin” to American technical companies, details of which he had privately told to Paola Harris and to me, in separate private meetings. 

The reports (all or parts of which are denied by the Admiral) go on to state that he suspected high-level fraud, or at least improper processing of classified data. Launching his own investigation, Admiral Wilson is said to have privately sought the advice of General H. Marshall Ward and former Defense Secretary Bill Perry, who suggested that he “look through the records of OUSDAT,” the Office of the Under-secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology. He did, according to Dr. Davis’ notes, and this precipitated him into the subterranean complexities of a very unusual, “deep black” program that was set apart even from Special Access Programs that are, by definition, beyond the casual oversight of Congress and the armed services, except through very specific and highly regulated procedures. 

The Admiral was forced to confront the discovery that a top Defense/ Intelligence contractor just “happened to have” a very large budget to run a program that appeared to be setup beyond the law and in apparent violation of the Constitution. And it had to do with UFOs. Oops. 

According to the record of that conversation, Admiral Wilson made three calls to the company: To the general counsel, to the security director, and to the program manager. Instead of begging for forgiveness, as might have been expected, all three became upset at the effrontery of such a call from the government, and even “agitated and surprised,” according to what Dr. Davis heard. It seems this was followed by a secret face-to-face meeting inside a SCIF, a heavily-shielded and protected suite of offices, where the three executives had to confess to the Admiral they had between 400 to 800 personnel on the payroll at various times, involved in reverse-engineering of a technology “not made by human hands,” and that progress was frustratingly slow. 

When Wilson said he would file a complaint because they were running a program outside all legal structures of the American government’s operational and budgetary oversight, they coldly told him to go ahead: “Do what you feel you need to do.” Admiral Wilson did try, and he soon heard from a very powerful Congressional structure called the Special Access Program Oversight Committee (SAPOC). The answer was not what he might have expected. According to Dr. Davis, Wilson was told that if he pursued his investigation, three things would happen to him: He would never be named Director of DIA; he would be forcibly retired early; and he would lose one or two stars. The Admiral understood the message and went on to serve as director of DIA from 1999 to 2002. And nobody has heard about it since then. (ref.: Richard Dolan, 51) 

Here again, while the situation seems absurdly beyond everything we have been taught about the workings of our government, the fact is that we don’t know the nature of what is being hidden. The simple explanation for what happened to Admiral Wilson is that the project( s) may be handled as “reverse engineering,” outside the scope of an Intelligence agency like the one Wilson was directing. In which case the rejection of his request was legal. 

At this point we should continue to ask questions in the name of Science and Democracy, but we should not presume anything about the answer. If the secret is, as Wilbert Smith stated, “above the Manhattan project,” there may be valid reasons for a procedure of exception, and it would all be within the law. :-(

Personally, I am reconciled with the idea of never knowing what those companies are hiding. 

But there is a price to pay for keeping secrets from the people, just as there is a danger for revealing them. On the other hand, perhaps the secret is that those highly-classified teams haven’t found out anything useful from the hardware they’ve captured and secured. As a disabused scientist says in Roadside Picnic: “A monkey pushes a red button and gets a banana, pushes a white button and gets an orange, but it doesn’t know how to get bananas and oranges without the buttons. And it doesn’t understand what relationship the buttons have to the fruit. Take the So-So’s, for example. We’ve learned how to use them. We’ve even learned the circumstances under which they multiply (...) But we still haven’t been able to make a single So-So. We don’t know how they work, and judging by present evidence, it will be a long time before we will.” 

This makes me wonder how much the Soviet Union had learned over the years, from its own research on UFOs, but more importantly it made me reassess our own approach to the matters at hand, namely the curious events at San Antonito. 

^ ^ ^ 

What nine-year-old Jose Padilla, a bright and gutsy country kid, experienced for a full week on his family’s land in New Mexico, tells a much simpler story: He may not have had the need-to-know about national secrets, but he happened to be there to watch the object crash, which was even better; he had a second, very bright witness with him. And there was little the Army, the J2 or even SAPOC or the Pope could do about it. Or even find out. Our two brave young witnesses were the right men for the job: they knew how to hide and they weren’t about to give up a chance to observe what was going on as a dumbfounded detachment of young recruits in Army fatigues did their best to recover little pieces of a contraption their own superior officers had never seen--or imagined. Jose and Reme were witnesses to an unexpected dialogue of sorts, an eerie exchange of symbols between the brightest scientists in the world and something else, undoubtedly the product of another mind. 

That’s pretty much all we can say. 

The history of this research teaches us that most of the symbols in that exchange remain to be deciphered; the technical folks have remained focused on technical things, arguing about such current concepts as quantum mechanics or relativity, thereby missing the main point entirely. Officer Ted Jordan, the former New Mexico State Trooper who gathered trace information so thoroughly in Socorro, put it best when an interviewer asked him, “What do you think it was?” He flatly answered he had no idea, adding: “I’ve thought about it often over the last thirty years. (...) I don’t think anybody else knows what it is. I’ve seen people that—if they can’t figure something out and give you a truthful answer—they will give you a snow job; and I think that’s what it was; I think the agencies involved, they didn’t know. They’re supposed to know everything.(...) And they want to protect the people from their own selves, I guess, by, ah, not divulging any information. But at the same time, they don’t have any information; they don’t know.” 

And “snow jobs” they did give us: from the “experimental weather balloon” to the mysterious “Air Force Pogo Stick” (my all-time favorite!) to the even more imaginative yarn that was put in the ear of author Annie Jacobsen, who mentioned it in her book Area 51. (52). Over lunch in San Francisco, Ms. Jacobsen told me a story that was brought to her publisher by Defense Department people who stated it was all true, although supposedly it had been kept a very deep secret. The yarn went like this: “In July of 1947, Army Intelligence spearheaded the efforts to retrieve the remains of the flying disk that crashed at Roswell (...) and they found bodies alongside the crashed craft. These were not Aliens. Nor were they consenting airmen. They were human guinea pigs.” 

The tale goes on to “reveal” that the poor deformed children found by the Army were kept at Wright Field until 1951, and then sent to “an elite group of five EG& G Engineers” (53) working at the Nevada Test Site. And what was the big truth behind the deformed aviators, child-sized with strikingly big heads and other deformities? They were kidnapped kids from Auschwitz, who fell in the hands of the evil Nazi doctor Mengele (The fact that he was an evil Nazi doctor is not in question here!... JV) who were subsequently re-engineered by him to turn them into grotesque child-size aviators for Stalin, in a secret deal that would allow Mengele to seek refuge in the USSR as the full defeat of Hitler became obvious. The kids were supplied to Stalin, who (being an evil genius himself) then reneged on the deal to save Mengele but kept the fake Aliens to play a trick on the US and dump them on New Mexico to create a panic in America similar to what followed the radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds. 

Never mind that there was no actual panic after that broadcast, the supposed “panic” being manufactured by the media as part of the show’s promotion, and the sociologists swallowing the hoax, and re-telling it ever since, because it sounded “scientific.” 

If you, gentle reader, have patiently followed this twisted yarn, you may have noticed that the Mengele story makes no sense historically or biologically, and it doesn’t even make any sense in terms of the record of UFO sightings in the United States. Mengele was running for his life at the time, hunted by Israel and every Intelligence agency in the world, and he had very little time, and no facility, to conduct biologically absurd experiments. While that is supposed to explain the Roswell event of 1947, it fails to account for everything we know about Roswell, and of course it doesn’t hold any value for the much earlier San Antonito crash of 1945. If you believe the story, we have a giant sardine from the harbor in Marseille that we can sell you. Perhaps Stalin and Mengele didn’t know about Jose Padilla and Reme Baca? They certainly didn’t know about Area 51: The base didn’t even exist in 1945. The only real mystery is why somebody, in today’s complicated technical world, finds it politically astute to go on inventing such “explanations,” and planting them in publications sold as factual reporting to the unsuspecting American public.


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